Main Features of Rotary Pre-made Bag Packaging Machine:

1.      A wide range of pouches: all kinds of pre-made pouches such as flat and stand-up pouches (with/ without zip).

2.      Easy to operate: PLC controller, HMI system, fault indication on the touch screen.

3.      Easy to adjust: only about 10 minutes to change different pouches.

4.      Frequency control: speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.

5.      High Automation: unmanned in weighing and packing process, machine alarm automatically when failure..

Main Specifications of Rotary Pre-made Bag Packaging Machine:

Machine   name

Rotary Pre-made Bag Packaging Machine

Bag types

Standup bag, Portable bag, Zipper bag,   4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag, paper bag, etc., and all kinds of   compound bags

Bag sizes

W:80-320mm       L:100-380mm



Filling   range


Packing   speed

30-45bags/min (depended on the product and   filling weight)


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