Working Flow

1.      Manually feeding the tubes

2.      Automatic mark positioning (photoelectrical sensor)

3.      Automatic dosing filling

4.       Tail inner heating

5.       Tail sealing and pressing the batch, dates

6.      Tail trimming

7.      Automatic ejection

II. Application range

It can fill and seal the plastic tubes and plastic-aluminum laminated tubes. It is widely used in the cosmetic, medicine, lubricants, adhesive and shoe polish, food industries.


III. Characteristics

1.  The material contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316 is optional .

2. The connection of the various is used the quick-change device, which is easy to disassemble and clean;

3. high-quality pneumatic components

4. The height of conveyor table can be adjusted easily by a hand wheel for different tubes

5. Pistol plunger filling system processed by digital controlled lathe to guarantee a high filling precision of 1%. And the volume is adjustable.

6. The filling speed can be adjusted freely a VFD

7. Production counter could be displayed on the control cabinet

8. Inner heating and out heating technology, a stable and good looking sealing is got.

IV. Main technical parameters:

1.  Power: ~220V±10%, Customized

2.  Rate: 1.2KW

3.  Filling volume: 5~50ml;50ml~250ml

4.  Tube diameter: Φ13~Φ40mm Φ40-50mm

5.  Producing speed: 20-30 pcs /min

6.  Filling accuracy: ±1%

7.  Machine dimension: 1200*850*1450mm

8.  Machine weight:  320kg

9.  Working air pressure: >0.4Mpa

10. Power voltage: AC220V, single phase or 380V

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